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Our main activities encompass the complete supply, installation, operation, testing, balancing, commissioning, and maintenance of the entire electro-mechanical works. It can be elaborated upon as below:

Mechanical Works

  • Chilled Water System (District Cooling and Chiller Plants).
  • Air Handling Equipment with VAV’s, CAV’s, Venturi Air Valves, and Steam Humidifiers.
  • Indoor Air Quality and HEPA Filtration System.
  • General Ventilation Systems.
  • CRACS/CCU (Computer Room Air Conditioner/Closed Control Units, Both DX and Chilled Water).
  • Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems (Packaged Units, Ducted Splits, and Mini Splits).
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Suppression Systems (FM-200, CO2, etc.).
  • Plumbing Domestic Water and Drainage Networks.
  • Water Treatment Plants (STP, Grey Water).
  • Boilers Medium Pressure Steam and Clean Stream Networks.
  • Water Sterilization Plants.
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants.
  • Building Management Systems (BMS).

Electrical Works

  • High, Medium and Low Voltage Distribution Networks.
  • Power network and Generation Plants.
  • Switchgears and Transformers.
  • Power Quality Systems (ATS, Harmonic Filters, Capacitor Banks, Surge Arrestors).
  • Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems.
  • Indoor Lighting Systems (EIB, Lighting Control and Dimming System).
  • Street and Landscape Lighting.
  • Emergency Power Systems (UPS and central battery systems).
  • Power Systems Control (PLS and CCMS).
  • Fire Alarm and Security Systems (CCTV, Access Control, Public Address, Intrusion Detection, and Vehicle Access Prevention Systems).
  • Structured Cabling and Communication Networks.

District Cooling Plants

  • Construct District Cooling Plants including (Chillers, Cooling Towers, CH.W. pumps, CT. pumps, Energy Storage Tank, Chemical Treatment Plants & Valves )
  • Construct District Cooling Building & Cooling Tower Building.
  • Construct Energy Transfer Stations including (Variable speed Pumps, Heat Exchangers, and Valves).
  • Install PLC & SCADA SYSTEM, make DC Enterprise integration, and Online modelling covering company-wide SCADA reporting.

Air Ducting and Cladding Installation

  • All types of Air Ducting & Cladding (Galvanized Black Steel, Pre-insulated Duct) for A/C, Fresh Air & Exhaust Air.
  • Fire-rated Air Ducting (Fire-rated Galvanized Black Steel or Stainless Steel 304) for Kitchen & Laboratory Fume Hood.
  • Volume & Splitter Dampers.
  • Sound Attenuator Equipment.

Maintenance, Operation, and Services

  • Protective, Weekly & Emergency Maintenance. 
  • Superior services, maintenance, operations and work support for several clients.

Testing, Balancing, and Commissioning

  • Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB) of All HVAC Systems (Air System & Chilled Water System).
  • The report will be submitted on the Standard NEEB forms with NEBB Seal.

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